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Small Business Ideas - Blade Sharpening Service
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Small Business Ideas
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A service that helps individuals and organizations in sharpening their blades.
Revenue Range:
$15,000 to $30,000 per year.
Education and Training Required:
Experience in blade sharpening. Superior understanding of blade sharpening techniques.
Equipment Required:
Basic office equipment, computer, printer, fax, cell phone, online access, blade sharpening tools, blade sharpener machine, blade sharpening supplies.
Information on Business:
This business helps those that do not have the time or the equipment to sharpen their blades. You will be working with individual households, restaurants, restaurant suppliers, and other businesses that use sharpened tools. This business will not likely provide a full time income which is something to consider when choosing it.

To Get Started:
First you need to purchase the a blade sharpener. You should then begin to advertise in the yellow pages, and direct contact with individuals and businesses, community bulletin boards, online, and local publications. Your start-up costs will be less than $2,000 which includes your advertising. You should charge $5 to $15 per blade sharpened. Once you obtain a few clients you should be able to obtain additional clients by word of mouth. If possible try to obtain regular contracts from businesses such as restaurants.

This business will grow much by referrals, so it is very important to do excellent work from the beginning. This business is an opportunity for people with disabilities as long as the necessary work can be performed. You should be able to work from home without a need to recruit additional staff, unless the business grows. Keep an eye out for equipment repairs, maintenance and insurance costs since these can get out of hand.