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Small Business Ideas
Small Business Ideas - Agricultural Marketing
Information on Business:
Because of all the time farmers spend at doing their job, they need someone who can help them market their products. This business requires long hours in order to be competitive. The products that your clients grow can be sold not only locally but on a national level or even on a global scale depending on your skills as a marketer.

To Get Started:
First you need to obtain the proper education in marketing techniques. You should also obtain employment in agricultural marketing companies or through the department of agriculture. You should obtain a thorough experience in commodities to be familiar with the economics side of your market. Purchase the equipment for a basic office setup. You should then begin to advertise in farm journals, farming association websites, yellow pages, and direct contact with farmers. Your start-up costs will be less than $10,000 which includes your advertising. You should charge an up front fee of $500 to $1500 in addition of 5% to 15% of goods sold. Once you obtain a few clients you should be able to obtain additional clients by word of mouth.

This business will grow much by referrals, so it is very important to do excellent work from the beginning. The more you understand how to work the logistics and regulations of global marketing, the higher your profit will be. It is also very important to understand market fluctuations since this business is very susceptible to changes in the market, as long as you can keep up with the changes you will be successful. This business is an opportunity for people with disabilities as long as the necessary work can be performed. You should be able to work from home without a need to recruit additional staff, unless the business grows. Keep an eye out for insurance costs since these can get out of hand. For additional information do a search for agricultural marketing.
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A service that helps farmers market their products in a local, national, or worldwide level.
Revenue Range:
$40,000 to $65,000 per year.
Education and Training Required:
Superior understanding of marketing techniques as they apply to agriculture. Experience in commodities and related marketing work.
Equipment Required:
Basic office equipment, computer, printer, fax, cell phone, online access.
Small Business Ideas
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