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Small Business Ideas
Small Business Ideas - Auto Paint and Touch Up Professional
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A service that helps auto owners fix small scratches, dings and chips off the car body panels.
Revenue Range:
$25,000 to $35,000 per year.
Education and Training Required:
Sales and marketing skills. Experience in auto paint and body panel repair.
Equipment Required:
Brushes, sanders, wax and auto paint equipment. Auto paint.
Information on Business:
Almost everyone who owns a car notices those small dings or scratches on the doors or hoods of their vehicles. They wish those would go away, but it would be too cumbersome to get a new paint job or panel replacement for something so small. This is where you come in. You can help those car owners get their cars scratch and chip free while helping their car resale value increase. You may also help them keep their auto body panel warranty continue to be in effect.

To Get Started:
First you need to obtain the required experience in auto paint and auto body repair. You should also improve your selling skills either through training or experience. Purchase the equipment required. You should then begin to advertise using direct mailings, newspaper ads specially in the auto section, online, local flyers, by participating in local auto events and associations and radio ads. Your start-up costs will be less than $2,000 which includes your advertising. Most of your service is your skill.  You should charge $40 to $60 per job depending on how much work is required. Once you obtain a few clients you should be able to obtain additional clients by word of mouth.

This business will grow much by referrals, so it is very important to do excellent work from the beginning. The more you understand how to combine clients the higher your profit will be. You can apply to fix the scratches in all of the cars in a garage lot. You can also provide your services to a car wash, or a used car sales lot. You can offer group discounts to attract customers in groups. This business is no an opportunity for people with disabilities as the necessary work requires much use of the body in different positions, that said, if the work can be performed in an efficient manner then it should not present a problem. You should be able to work from home without a need to recruit additional staff, unless the business grows. Keep an eye out for inventory costs since these can get out of hand, also keep checking you chemical disposal costs as these also increase with the amount of work you perform.
Small Business Ideas
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