Information on Business:
A bounty hunter has a dangerous and adventurous job. There is a demand for this service in any place that has laws. Most law enforcement organizations do not have the resources to find every fugitive. It is the bounty Hunter who will fill this need. Having a law enforcement or an intelligence agency background will spell success in this business. Most of the times business is not as exciting and you will have low-profile cases and bail enforcement cases to fulfill.
To Get Started:
In order to build a reputation at the beginning of this business you will most likely need to do some services for free. Get a relation established with bail bondsmen in your area. Once reputation is established it will almost be like the movies, your life will be in danger, you will travel a lot, and death threats will be common. For such service you should demand a high fee which would typically be over $100,000 in top of any expenses you may incur.
This business can be run from home and opportunities are limited for people with disabilities. You will usually work alone so a staff is not required. For Internet links on this business do a search on the Bounty Hunter association, the CIA, FBI and Bounty Hunter Training.
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Bounty hunters locate fugitives and directs law enforcement entities on whereabouts of subjects.
Revenue Range:
$1 million or more per year
Education and Training Required:
High school diploma, a two-year degree, a four year degree, or postgraduate education. Preferably  criminal justice background, military experience, or intelligence agency experience. Rigorous physical training is required. Mastery of self defense techniques.
Equipment Required:
Communications devices, portable computer, necessary tools to apprehend and locate fugitives.
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