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Small Business Ideas
Small Business Ideas - Building Maintenance Service
Information on Business:
All apartment and commercial buildings need someone to repair them. If you are one that enjoys tinkering and fixing systems and have technical hands-on experience, then this is a logical business idea for you.
To Get Started:
First you should obtain hands-on technical experience either thru an apprenticeship or by working as an assistant to a building maintenance worker. You should purchase a van in order to be able to carry all of your tools, equipment ans supplies to each site. You should begin to advertise in phone books, cold calling and direct contacting building owners and property managers, networking with other building maintenance professionals, you should also send direct mail to prospective clients. You should have to spend about $25,000 to $50,000 starting this business. It is so expensive mainly because the van and equipment purchases. You should advertise with the message that you are not  a large company with a large number on workers, but that you are a small detail oriented business that offers custom service at anytime of the day or night. You can create a communications network within your business that allows you to respond to service calls in a timely manner. Your commitment to excellent service and your quality of work will keep you as a leader in your area. You can charge from $200 to $500 per month per building or client on a contract basis.
With this business you should be careful that your insurance needs are met since too many errors will sink your bank account very quick. You should also be careful on how fast you grow, if you get more work than you can handle and do not properly staff your business, your quality, timeliness and business will suffer. You should be able to work by yourself and assistance is ot necessary unless you grow. You should be able to work from home for all office duties, but most of the field work will be done on site. This business is not a good opportunity for people with disabilities unless all the necessary work can be performed. For additional information search for
Building Service Contractors Association International.

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A person that helps business owners market, price, negotiate, and sell their business.
Revenue Range:
$100,000 or more per year, depends on the number of sales you close on.
Education and Training Required:
Working experience in businesses you specialize on, superior understanding of financial statements, deep knowledge of the legal aspects of each transfer, excellent communication skills.
Equipment Required:
Cell phone, computer, basic office equipment, materials, and supplies, business analysis software.
Small Business Ideas
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