Information on Business:
Being a notary public will probably not make you a millionaire but it will give you a small steady income since notary publics are required in almost every legal transaction. You will need to be licensed and trained, in order to do that you need to already have a small network of legal professionals.
To Get Started:
Once training and licensing is complete you can begin to network with potential clients such as insurance brokers, real estate professionals, health care providers, bankers, lenders,and more attorneys. Your best advertising tool is your business location, if possible be as close to a law office, insurance office, license bureau, post office, real estate office, and financial institutions. Another very effective advertising is using a network of professionals in the fields mentioned above. You should also advertise in the phone book. You should be able to charge somewhere between $10 to $15 per service. You can add additional services such as document preparation to expand your business.
Since you will be doing this alone you will most likely not need a staff. You can run this business at home and it is an opportunity for people with disabilities. Keep an eye out for the regulations in your state since they vary from state to state. For Internet links related to this business do a search for the National Notary Association, the United States Notary Association, Notary, and Notary Public Supplies.
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Small Business Ideas - Notary Public
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A Person that is authorized by law to witness signatures administer oaths, take depositions, certify affidavits and prepare leal documents.
Revenue Range:
$8,000 to $15,000 per year.
Education and Training Required:
You are required to be licensed in the state where the work is performed.
Equipment Required:
Stamp, seal.
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